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  • 1.  Non-scientist IRB Member Training

    CAB Member
    Posted 03-08-2022 08:00
    Hi all,
    Does anyone have any suggested resources for training a non-scientist IRB member? We're looking for something above and beyond what CITI offers. We're an SBER IRB and want to really dive deep into different social science research methods with a current member to provide the requisite foundational knowledge to allow for effective review.

    Kaitlin Gottuso
    Director - Office of Research Protections
    Villanova University

  • 2.  RE: Non-scientist IRB Member Training

    Posted 03-09-2022 06:24
    Hi, Kaitlin

    We're found the 5-lesson training series from the OHRP very helpful.

    We're a small SBER-only institution, and thankfully the modules are not all medical-based.

    Take a look:  Human Research Protection Training remove preview
    Human Research Protection Training
    OHRP offers a set of training modules about human research protections requirements. The modules provide information about the HHS regulations for the protection of human subjects in research, when the regulations apply to research, and IRB review.
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    Dawn Leusner
    IRB Manager
    Educational Testing Service
    Princeton, NJ 08541

  • 3.  RE: Non-scientist IRB Member Training

    Posted 03-09-2022 07:16
    You may find this website helpful.

    Training & Resources - Human Subjects
    Nih remove preview
    Training & Resources - Human Subjects
    The Office of Extramural Research (OER) provides training and communication tools such as web-based tutorials, presentations, and other resources to assist you in accessing and understanding information in determining if your research involves human subjects, may be exempt from federal regulations, or is not considered human subjects research.
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    Domenica Pappas
    Associate Vice Provost for Research
    Illinois Institute of Technology