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  • Posted in: Job Posting

    Chapman University's Sponsored Projects Services in the Office of Research has an opening for a Sponsored ...

  • Posted in: Job Posting

    Loyola University Chicago’s Office of Research Services, a preaward office, has a research administrator ...

  • Posted in: Cayuse Platform

    Hi Everyone, We're switching to a quarterly cadence for the Cayuse Data Connect Sharing Group sessions. ...

  • Posted in: Risk Management

    Hi Jenn, I agree with Simon that having Review Type on the Study level screen would be a great product ...

  • Posted in: Job Posting

    The Colorado State University Office of Sponsored Programs is now accepting applications for the position ...

  • Hi Cheryl, I know you already spoke to some Cayuse staff about this, but I wanted to close the loop ...

  • Posted in: General Discussion

    Great discussion and suggestions! Thank you all for sharing. I learned some nifty tips, and I am sure ...

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Cayuse is pleased to announce the launch of Cayuse Inventions built to manage all aspects of lab-to-market process related to technology transfer, IP management, and research commercialization. Head here to learn more.


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