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  • 1.  Human Ethics Minutes Samples

    Posted 01-24-2022 06:23
    Happy January all,

    We are relatively new (September 2021) new users of Human Ethics.  I am still struggling with minutes - both how to document protocol reviews and approval of minutes in Cayuse.

    For example, how are other users using the "researcher notes," "findings," and "other" fields in the protocol record?  And how might that relate to the minutes?

    For background, we have on average 6 full board protocols a year and no federal funding. Mostly our board meetings are reporting of expedited and exempt and cont ed.

    One suggestion I have received for minutes approval is to give Board members until a few days before the next meeting to review/suggest changes and if none are received then the minutes are approved.

    I would appreciate any samples or SOPs.

    Darcy Hammar
    Director, HRPP
    Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

  • 2.  RE: Human Ethics Minutes Samples

    Posted 01-26-2022 10:16

    Hi Darcy,

    This is a great question! Let me tag a few people who might have insight to share: @Jenn Dier, @Hila Berger, @April Gravitt, @Audrey Wineglass Foster, @Sharla Miles, @Michael Spires, @Sherrie Hixon.


    Simon Helton
    Community Manager

  • 3.  RE: Human Ethics Minutes Samples

    Posted 01-31-2022 12:52
    Hi Darcy,

    I don't have a good answer for you, but I'll tell you what we do. We do use the meeting in Cayuse to log attendees and decisions, but a hybrid model for the agenda and the minutes. So what we do is document those in a Word document and then attach them to the meeting. We adopted that method out of necessity when we first implemented Human Ethics. I'm interested to hear if others have found a better way of using the module for taking minutes and then approving those minutes.

    Eric Boerngen
    Outreach Coordinator, Research and Graduate Studies
    Illinois State University

  • 4.  RE: Human Ethics Minutes Samples

    Posted 02-01-2022 05:50

    Hi Darcy,

    We use the "Notes" section of the agenda to record what was discussed in the meeting that's not in the general agenda, we also use that section to record which staff members were present.  This is done after the meeting has ended.  (this gets generated into the Minutes)  I download the minutes and attach them to the next scheduled meeting.  And add to the next month's agenda "Review and Approve January 2022 Minutes". (members are asked to review minutes before the next meeting)

    During the next meeting, we ask for corrections or additions to the minutes. After that, someone makes a motion to approve, and someone seconds and we take a vote. That vote is also recorded in the Notes section.

    Once approved, you can go back to the previous meeting in Cayuse, and click on the "Approve Minutes" button.


    Amy Krenzer
    Senior Human Research Protection Analyst, Research Compliance and Regulatory Programs
    Montclair State University

  • 5.  RE: Human Ethics Minutes Samples

    Posted 02-16-2022 17:08
    Our process is similar to yours Amy.  We are relatively new to Cayuse and found today (our regular schedule Board meeting) that getting to the previous meeting minutes was difficult for some members; we will follow your practice and upload as attachment to the next agenda.  Cayuse is used to log attendees and decisions, along with Notes for items without a place to record the action.  We try to complete the process during the meeting, so when we end the meeting the date/time stamp is relatively close to the actual meeting time.

    After reviewing your comment, while we review/approve minutes it is not on the agenda.   We will add that to the next.


    Julia Mays
    Associate Director Research Compliance Officer
    Western Michigan University

  • 6.  RE: Human Ethics Minutes Samples

    Posted 02-02-2022 17:13
    Hi all,

    I'm Jenny Walsh, the Product Manager for Human Ethics.  Wanted you all to know that I'm actively following along with this discussion to better understand how you all are thinking of ways we can improve the Minutes feature, from easily creating and editing them from/during/after meetings to approving, communicating, and storing them.  Keep the thoughts coming!  Thank you!

    Jenny Walsh
    Product Manager

  • 7.  RE: Human Ethics Minutes Samples

    CAB Member
    Posted 02-03-2022 06:12

    Good morning, Darcy, and Welcome to Human Ethics!

    We're fairly new too (we launched on November 1st) and focus on Social, Behavioral, Educational Research.  In fact, we held our first convened meeting of the Board for a Full Committee review of a federal grant.

    Seeking only conditional approval to start recruitment activities, we only used the "Notes" section for this discussion. (Prior to Starting the Meeting, I copied/pasted reviewer feedback across the Submission, synthesized it, and dropped in the Notes.) Anything new, clarified, etc. was added to that section. After Making a Decision, we also approved the Minutes, again unanimously, before Ending.

    We do anticipate using the additional fields you mention, if warranted, after we review this project's instruments and procedures. Similar to other review assignments, we use Findings for anything related to the content under review e.g., This project is not considered research under regulation x.  Researcher Notes are for anything that pertains to the research team e.g., Renew your IRB training by completing y link. And, Internal Notes are reserved for anything between the IRB Analyst, Chair, Reviewer e.g., This review is not assigned to z as it presents a conflict of interest.

    Not sure this reply is helpful as we do not review bio-medical research applications. But do find the software easy to use, and saves time from manual processes.  When I get to updating our SOPs, I'll be sure to pass along anything relevant to this discussion thread.



    Dawn Leusner
    IRB Manager
    Educational Testing Service
    Princeton, NJ 08541