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  • 1.  Who can edit in Human Ethics?

    Posted 07-20-2023 11:20

    I am a little confused. Who can edit and complete submissions in Human Ethics? During our training, we were informed only PIs, Co-PIs, and Primary Contacts. Submitted a support ticket thinking there was a problem with our platform because noticed an investigator submitted a modification, but Cayuse Support is saying:

     "The Key Contacts on a Study are: PI, PC, Co-PI, and Investigator. All of these research team members can access studies where they are listed, and can create submissions, edit submissions, and complete submissions. Only the PI and Co-PI can certify submissions (PCs can also certify under certain conditions) but all other Key Contacts (i.e. PC and Investigator) can perform all possible actions."

    Anyone else also told only PIs, Co-PIs, and Primary Contacts?

    Amanda Hong
    IRB Coordinator
    Mount Sinai Hospital

  • 2.  RE: Who can edit in Human Ethics?

    Posted 07-24-2023 06:41


    Here are the notes I have from our implementation in September 2021.  The help links may or may not work anymore.


    Primary Contact

    • The person who creates the study is added as the primary contact by default. 

    • You can change this when editing the submission.

    • There can only be one

    • Cannot certify but can edit

    Principal Investigator

    • There can only be one

    • Can certify

    • Can edit


    • Can be multiple

    • Does not have to "certify"

    • Can certify

    • Can edit


    • Not a choice for certification

    Completing Submission as a PI: If you are a PI completing your submission, you should be able to then certify the submission right away.

    Co-PIs: Your institution's settings may require that any Co-PIs on the study also certify the submission. These individuals also have the ability to return to the submission to the research team. Administrators can specify this behavior in the Application Settings.

    Recertification: If the submission does get returned to the research team, all previous certifications are cleared. All individuals who were required to certify the submission in previous rounds of routing must recertify every time the submission is returned before it can move forward.

    Darcy Hammar
    Director, HRPP
    Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions