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  • 1.  job position & description

    Posted 14 days ago

    Who at your organization is responsible for maintaining your Cayuse system (i.e. updates, managing forms, managing users, troubleshooting, etc.)? Do you have a product manager within your unit or does that responsibility go to someone in a central IT department? If you do have a product manager, system admin, or some other title that is part of your unit, do you have a job description that you'd be willing to share for that person (or people if you are really lucky...)? 



    Eric Boerngen
    Outreach Coordinator, Research and Graduate Studies
    Illinois State University

  • 2.  RE: job position & description

    Posted 13 days ago

    Here, it's a collaboration between the designated "super-user" (me!) and our IT department.  I take care of setting up users in the system and assigning their roles, building the dictionary content, entering Expert changes into the non-production application; IT takes care of promoting Expert changes into the production application, uploading scripts, all the other back-end stuff I know very little about. 

    Our IT team also takes the lead on negotiating our business agreements and the like (with administrative staff input on functional needs). 

    I've got no specific job title info to share--sorry!

    Cheryl Cheney, CPIA
    IACUC Coordinator/Compliance Specialist
    Cambridge, MA

  • 3.  RE: job position & description

    Posted 13 days ago
    Edited by Rob Williams 13 days ago

    Here at UK, I handle user management, form changes done through Expert, a lot of the dictionary updates, troubleshooting, and custom reporting from the Oracle databases for our Animal Oversite and Vivarium products. We have an IT group just for research which I am a member of, but I work closely with members of our IACUC group and staff in the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources who are requesting the changes or reporting issues to us.

    Here is the high level job description, though it is kind of vague vs the reality of the position: 

    Responsibilities include working with vendors, stakeholders, and clients to assess and transform gathered information to produce a project scope, objectives, and estimated timeline; working with 3rd party vendors to assess system customization for specific Research needs; implementing system enhancements that will improve the reliability and performance of the system; and administering a web-based system and its data feeds, both vendor provided and custom developed.

    Rob Williams
    Research Technical Administrator
    University of Kentucky

  • 4.  RE: job position & description

    Posted 13 days ago
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    Hi, Eric!

    At our small institution, IRB Analysts are responsible for maintaining Cayuse.

    While I don't have a job description that includes this specific system maintenance, attached is an IRB Reliance Manager posting from 2020; Glassdoor and Indeed are also good sources for Administrator/Director positions.

    Hope this reply is helpful,


    Dawn Leusner
    IRB Manager
    Educational Testing Service
    Princeton, NJ 08541


  • 5.  RE: job position & description

    Posted 13 days ago

    Hi Eric

    I am the one who maintains Cayuse for the campus. My official job description is under review, but here is the section that discusses Cayuse (@ 30% of my time): 

    Research administration and compliance: Maintains infrastructure for grant management system using the Cayuse Research Suite platform; oversees Cayuse user management; provides technical assistance to campus users and troubleshoots issues; manages new feature integrations and roll-out; oversees data management and conducts periodic audits to ensure data integrity; creates and maintains report dashboards using Tableau software; prepares reports for campus leadership as needed; strategizes use of additional metrics and analytics; provides system training and onboarding for new staff; remains current on federal regulations for research administration and compliance; manages review process of research protocols that involve potentially bio-hazardous materials and provides administrative support to the Institutional Biosafety Committee; oversees the application process for the use of drones/UAS on campus and provides administrative support to the Drone Committee; revises related policies as needed (i.e., intellectual property, drones, and administration of centers and institutes); and, monitors internal processes for continuous improvement.

    Sherrie Hixon
    Director, Strategic Research Initiatives & Innovation
    California State University, Northridge (CSUN)