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Remote Eligible Position: University of Idaho Post Award Team

  • 1.  Remote Eligible Position: University of Idaho Post Award Team

    Posted 07-01-2022 10:51

    Dear Colleagues,


    The University of Idaho has a position opening for a Post Award Grants and Contracts Analyst in the Office of Sponsored Programs. The position is posted on the Human Resources webpage at University of Idaho Applicant Portal | Contract Administrator ( (posting # 36391) and is remote eligible. Priority review of applicants will begin on July 7, 2022. Below is an overview of this position:


    Position Overview:

    Within the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), and under the supervision of the Post Award Manager of OSP, the Grants and Contracts Administrator (GCA) is responsible for the University of Idaho's grants and contracts management. The GCA ensures sponsored project compliance through primarily independent analysis of sponsored project agreements, including a comprehensive analysis of terms and conditions, cited federal regulations, and compliance with university policies and procedures. The GCA is responsible for award analysis, information dissemination, including certification from principal investigator(s), as well as award management through the life of the agreement. The GCA supports the University's involvement in sponsored projects and programs funded by external sources by working with faculty, staff, and external stakeholders at the onset of a project until closeout. The GCA is responsible for primarily independent review and processing of all grants and contracts, modifications, and requests for sponsor prior approval under university policy, agency guidance, and federal regulation. The GCA provides training and technical expertise in all areas of research administration; assists with external training and presentation of materials to faculty and staff in the areas of grants, contracts, subcontracts, and other research related areas. The GCA works in partnership with the Office of Research Assurances to ensure compliance with federal regulations regarding animal, human, and biohazard work, and also works in tandem with the Sponsored Programs Administrators, Cost Accounting Unit, Contract Review Unit, and Financial Unit to ensure university compliance.


    Position functions:

    Key Accountability

    Provide support for sponsored projects administration by:

    Job Duties

    • Conducting independent review, analysis, comparison, and assessment of sponsored project agreements, including grants, contracts, amendments, and any other related agency-required documentation.
    • Communicating and working effectively with UI faculty principal investigators (PIs) and staff responsible for managing one or more sponsored projects to ensure their understanding and acceptance of sponsor terms, conditions, and expectations for deliverables.
    • Prioritizing workload and implementing efficient techniques to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment with competing deadlines.
    • Reviewing externally-funded awards to ensure adherence to proposal budget and scope of work. Working with PIs and sponsors to resolve any budget discrepancies and to ensure compliance with current university cost rates and policies.
    • Assessing the terms and conditions of agreements to ensure adherence to, and compliance with, all applicable University policies, and state and federal regulations. When necessary, referring non-standard contracts to the Contract Review Unit for further negotiation.
    • Drafting, reviewing, editing, and submitting formal requests for sponsor prior approvals requests, and responding accordingly to all sponsor responses.
    • Analyzing, assessing, and processing modifications to existing agreements to ensure terms are acceptable under the above cited areas of relevance.


    Key Accountability

    Translate sponsored project agreements into OSP systems by:

    Job Duties

    • Collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and documenting required information from the agreement, sponsor terms, federal regulations, etc., for translation into the necessary university systems, including the internal electronic research administration system(s) (eRA), and Banner system.
    • Working with the sponsor and/or PI to collect any missing information for accurate recording of sponsor requirements in conjunction with the budget establishment.
    • Reviewing, interpreting, and translating budget data from the sponsor format into the required university categories for entry to Banner expense categories.
    • Verifying the accuracy of entered and recorded data in the eRA system for upload into Banner.


    Key Accountability

    Assist in the development of Post Award policies and procedures by:

    Job Duties

    • Regularly evaluating Post Award procedures for best practices and proposing changes to policies, procedures, and internal development associated with the Post Award Unit.
    • In coordination with the Post Award Manager, developing, maintaining, and regularly updating a set of standardized procedures for Post Award processes and procedures.
    • Researching, analyzing, and translating sponsor policy changes into Post Award procedure documents, and communicating information among team members, both internal and external.


    Key Accountability

    Contribute to team effort by:

    Job Duties

    • Working in partnership with OSP units and external stakeholders (ORED, university, and external team members) for sponsored project funding.
    • Participating in staff meetings for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of OSP.
    • Participating in the development and implementation of short and long-term goals for the Post Award unit.
    • Facilitating appropriate communications within the Post Award unit, OSP, other University employees and outside agencies by communicating in a respectful and professional manner.
    • Creating and maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism for the university.
    • Attending conferences, classes, and/or trainings, as offered and relevant, to improve technical and professional development.


    Key Accountability

    Facilitate on-going training by:

    Job Duties

    • Assisting in the review of training materials created by the Post Award Manager, in conjunction with other units of OSP and ORED as a whole.
    • Participating in the training sessions, as a team member, to present content to relevant audiences.
    • Suggesting topics of interest, relevance, and areas of change, to the PAM to include in upcoming trainings.
    • Providing training assistance and one-on-one support, to external constituents, as needed, to assist in maintaining university-wide compliance with the regulations and policies associated with sponsored project funding.


    Key Accountability

    Provide support by:

    Job Duties

    • Completing other duties as assigned.


    Salary range: $52000 base plus benefits DOE


    We look forward to receiving an application! Please feel free to share this posting with others as appropriate.


    Please contact:
    Sarah Martonick




    Sarah S Martonick

    Assistant Director, Sponsored Operations

    Office of Sponsored Programs

    University of Idaho

    875 Perimeter Drive MS 3020

    Moscow ID 83844-3020


    Sarah Martonick
    Assistant Director, Sponsored Operations
    University of Idaho