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  • 1.  Recommended faculty training

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    Posted 19 days ago
    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

    Dear Cayuse Community,

    We would like to bring in a trainer or offer some sort of education to faculty on grant writing and proposal preparation. Has anyone worked with companies or consultants that they'd recommend? Or alternatives for the best ways to educate faculty on these topics? Thank you

  • 2.  RE: Recommended faculty training

    Posted 18 days ago

    I would vote for " alternative" myself ;)  It seems to me that the problem is rarely just grantsmanship.  That's just a set of skills (complex ones, I grant you) and faculty are really good at picking up on those - once they realize that doing so is important.  (We've all seen some whopper-bad proposals over the years, I'm sure.)  The problem seems to me to be further back in the thought-stream.  They need to develop as junior faculty a solid-yet-flexible research arc that will take them to the end of their careers.  Solid - because that prevents the research dysfunction of following the money or randomly assisting this person and then that person - and positioning themselves for nothing.  And flexible, because this is research.  The whole thing could go south.  Or someone (else) could prove the whole thing, discontinuing a whole line of inquiry for some people.  And developing this arc isn't a skill -exactly.  It isn't even professional development, since it's well known that faculty don't make the distinctions between personal and professional that, say, doctors or lawyers do.  Their career IS their self-image.  So, it's personal development.  It's existential, in a way.

    Once they have that loose plan, their research proposals become better.  THEN, skill-building becomes relevant and even essential.  Until that point, we've just taught people to create a biosketch, but they have very little to put on it that would enhance the likelihood of winning the award.

    So, to answer your question, I would create groups of your star young faculty and do what you can to enhance their thinking around these questions and to get them access to an enhanced environment for research.  THEN, if you need grantsmanship training, I would call either Lucy Deckard or Peg Atkisson.

    You may have done that first part already.  I get that.  But sometimes when I start to see a spate of tragic proposals, I realize we've neglected that early existential work for a small cohort and we get back to work.


    Andrea Buford
    Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
    Oakland University

  • 3.  RE: Recommended faculty training

    Posted 18 days ago

    David Widmer is an excellent person for working with faculty on grant writing and proposal development

    Debra Schaller-Demers
    Senior Director, Research Integrity and Compliance
    New York University (NYU)

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    Posted 18 days ago

    I'd need more information about just what sort of "grant writing and proposal preparation" you meant before I'd be confident in recommending a given consultant or trainer. Are you looking for a "how to work with Agency X" product, a "how to write a solid Application Y proposal" product, a "how to work with Sponsor Type" product, or just a general "Grantsmithing 101" product?


    Michael Spires, M.A., M.S., CRA

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    The best way to get in touch with me continues to be via email: I am working a hybrid schedule.


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    Posted 17 days ago
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    Thank you for your response and the helpful clarifying questions. My ideal version of this would be a series of trainings covering all of the topics you mention, though they don't necessarily need to all be from the same person/company.

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    Posted 18 days ago
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    I am a professor, who has been successful in securing grants from NIH, especially health sciences. I will be happy to help. Attached is my CV. My email is


    Fakhrul Ahsan. Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer and University Distinguished Professor
    California Northstate University Elk Grove, CA 95755


    Ahsan-CV May 2023.pdf   349 KB 1 version