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iRIS CV Reminder Notification - Process Question

  • 1.  iRIS CV Reminder Notification - Process Question

    Posted 12-19-2022 06:04

    Hi. I'm hoping someone can help by describing in their iRIS installation how they accomplish this process.

    Desired process: When a user is created and there is no CV uploaded, the user receives an email alerting to upload a CV with instructions on how. When a CV expires the user receives a notification that their CV is about to expire and they are prompted to upload a new CV  in their iRIS profile.

    What is occurring; Update CV Reminder Notification is set up in iRIS. But the notification is not being sent to users.
    The system does have an Update CV Reminder Notification. But the setup seems to go to a central person, not the actual users whose CV has expired.

    iRIS response: This functionality is currently not available at the moment.

    Questions: Is this your experience in your iRIS install? What is your work process to alert users with expired CVs to upload their most recent CVs?


    Rebecca A Ballard
    Director, Research Compliance
    Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi