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iRIS: Loss of functionalities previously present - ability to set access per role

  • 1.  iRIS: Loss of functionalities previously present - ability to set access per role

    Posted 02-22-2023 06:23

    In the last two months, we seem to continue to lose functionality in the iRIS system that was previously there. 

    Here is the first example: Ability to edit role access using setup role access: Ticket #83874

    My chair role is set in the setup role access to allow the chair to edit the upcoming meeting agendas. 

    The chair role has write access selected for Meeting Agenda but is not able to edit the meeting agenda.

    Support response: The ability to edit this section of the meeting agenda is reserved for coordinators or users with IRB Admin rights. In order for this user to get access they will need either to have the coordinator role or IRB admin rights. 

    The individual cannot be a chair and a coordinator since this a radial selection. And their role is chair. So that does not work.
    I do not want to give my chair admin rights. That is not appropriate. 

    If this is an all-or-nothing proposition, then what is the point of the setup role access? The setup role access was designed so we can make decisions on access based on roles. This is what was described in the RFP and during implementation. But based on your answer it doesn't matter what we select in the setup role access area because it has no bearing on setting a roles access.

    I sent back for clarification to the support team: Is that correct? The setup role access area is no longer functioning to define access for each role.

    When I provided this response to support, this was their answer: Thank you for your concerns, we will relay this to our management team for further evaluation in future versions.

    Has anyone else had this experience?

    Rebecca A Ballard
    Director, Research Compliance
    Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi