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Cayuse Feedback - Researcher Experience Survey

  • 1.  Cayuse Feedback - Researcher Experience Survey

    Posted 30 days ago
    Edited by Simon Helton 30 days ago

    We recently completed our annual HRPP Researcher Experience Survey, and as part of this survey, we collect feedback on the researcher's experience using Cayuse HE. Some of the feedback is specific to our process, where we have more direct control of implementing changes but some feedback is more general to the Cayuse HE system.

    I've summarize the main concerns below, and I'm curious if any other institutions have raised these concern or even if you have any helpful suggestions.

    1. There is no easy way to track Admin Check Ins on the Cayuse dashboard. We use Admin Check Ins for exempt research and any expedited study approved without a continuing review requirement. Users can search from the STUDIES tab by upcoming Admin Check In dates - so we can provide instruction on this, but users felt it would be helpful to have it pull into the dashboard (like expiring studies do).
    2. Once a study has expired, the PI no longer receives notifications and the study no longer appears on the dashboard. It is problematic that once a study passes the expiration date, the study team no longer receives notifications that a renewal is due and it also goes away from the list of "Studies Expiring" on the dashboard. Ideally, renewals are submitted before a study expires, but in the event that a study does lapse in approval, we would not want notifications or reminders to cease.
    3. When a submission receives a "Not Reviewed" decision (due to loss of quorum or lack of time), it appears that a letter is created and sent, but there is no record of it in the submission details. Once the review is complete, there is no "letters" tab in the submission details and there is no record of a "Not Reviewed" letter. There is a "Not Reviewed" decision under the "decisions" tab, but no letter. We recently had a submission receive a "Not Reviewed" decision and when we copied our main office email on the letter, we did not receive the email notification/letter. It is unclear whether a letter is actually sent in this scenario.

    Jenny Boe (
    Senior IRB Analyst
    Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute