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  • 1.  Animal Oversight-Reviewer comments

    Posted 04-18-2023 11:30

    Hello again!

    Another newbie question as we navigate our first submission.

    Our IACUC will be reviewing the updated submission at our next FCR.  Our committee members like to see all of the past reviewer comments when reviewing before the meeting and I'm not finding a way to make this happen.  I'm aware of the Protocol Revision Search, where you can look at each member's individual comments, but is there a way for members to see them all in one place?  Similar to when they are doing a review.

    Thank you!

    Amy Cooper
    IACUC Administrator
    The Buck Institute
    Novato, CA USA

  • 2.  RE: Animal Oversight-Reviewer comments

    Posted 04-19-2023 07:25

    Hello Amy,

    As a Committee Member and Office role, under the Action Menu [...] select Protocol Revision Search. Using the various filters, search for the protocol they need to review. From there you can see Reviewer comments, Office comments, and workflow history.

    Shelley Phillips
    Professional Services Consultant

  • 3.  RE: Animal Oversight-Reviewer comments

    Posted 04-19-2023 07:43

    Hi Amy,

    If you are just referring to any preliminary rounds of review of the current submission, the Full Document Review will let you see all of the prior comments in-line.

    If you are referring to all comments ever, then I think the only out-of-the-box solution is the Protocol Revision Search, version-by-version; selecting Office Comments will give you something like you're looking for, in that it will show you all the comments sent to the PI for every review round for the initial submission and any given amendment thereafter (without differentiating which members proposed the comments).

    Alternatively, perhaps your IT team could help you pull metadata on all reviews for that protocol, so you could have it all available in one place?


    Cheryl Cheney, CPIA
    IACUC Coordinator/Compliance Specialist
    Cambridge, MA

  • 4.  RE: Animal Oversight-Reviewer comments

    Posted 04-19-2023 07:45

    Hello Amy,

    Our work around in identifying who the review was by adding (iacuc-1 primary or 2-vet or 3-EHS or 4-IBC or iacuc for iacuc office) to each note added.
    This provides anonymity and allows the IACUC office to go back and see who the reviewer was in past review for the specific note.
    Below is an example with (iacuc-1/2). This lets me know that both the primary and vet asked about MS-222. The second note is from the iacuc office; at times you will need to tell the PI to respond in the rebuttal since no change is needed in the body of the protocol. You are able to edit or remove a note from the reviewer/s in (review notes) text box but the icon requiring an action in that section remains. Again this is our work around telling the PI to reply in the rebuttal with "done" and save to pickup the green check.

    Hope this helps!
    Warm regards,

    Andreja Romanchik
    IACUC Coordinator
    Case Western Reserve University