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  • 1.  Animal Oversight - How can Lab Managers or Co-PIs submit research amendments

    Posted 01-04-2023 05:07
    It is not uncommon at my institution for amendments to be submitted by a PIs Lab Manager or Co-PI. I know I can manually input a role in the protocol form, but can a Lab Manager or Co-PI submit an amendment without having the PI's login?

    David Carnes
    Animal Facilities Manager/IACUC Administrator
    Syracuse University

  • 2.  RE: Animal Oversight - How can Lab Managers or Co-PIs submit research amendments

    Posted 01-05-2023 07:08
    Hi David,

    Yes! Anyone listed in the protocol should be able to access it. It is a good idea to include the lab staff in their research team, which is done via the Admin Site (you should have received some information about this during implementation). I have found that someone can only be included in one research team, but any other lab heads who are on the protocol would also have access to those specific protocols and be able to submit amendments or de novo protocols. Individuals on a protocol do not need to perform procedures but can be included for contact purposes only (indicated by information in their personnel item). If a research team member submits, I think it has to go through the PI for approval as well. This way the lab staff can create and submit while still under the oversight of the lab head and without their login.

    We don't have a ton of experience with all this because we have just gone live this academic year. I do know that the IACUC Office role can create, edit, and submit for others, which we have utilized as our campus transitions to this system.

    Kristine F. Nowak, Ph.D.
    Director of Research Compliance
    Kennesaw State University

  • 3.  RE: Animal Oversight - How can Lab Managers or Co-PIs submit research amendments

    Posted 01-05-2023 08:37

    No, the others you mention cannot actually make the submission of a protocol or amendment.  It's a protective measure for the process.  Imagine personnel sending all sorts of submissions without the PI knowing and/or approving.  Below is the verbiage I included in the template instructions.

    NOTE:  Whereas associates can and may write the protocol, only the PI can actually submit it to the IACUC for review and approval.  As the PI, please review the protocol.

    Also, Cayuse IACUC message 400016 takes this under consideration.  This is the text I wrote:

    Dear Investigator,
    The above animal use protocol has been sent by a protocol/research team member to you as
    the PI for consideration. It refers to an amendment/modification request to the originally
    approved protocol. It was submitted by Kennedy, Bruce W.


    Bruce W Kennedy
    IACUC administrator
    University of California, Santa Cruz