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Animal Oversight-DMR follow-up

  • 1.  Animal Oversight-DMR follow-up

    Posted 03-24-2023 06:00
    Edited by Guy Wiles 03-24-2023 06:01

    Good morning everyone

    As I mentioned in a previous thread, we are working to use the DMR process inside the Animal Oversight Module (based on our on site eSirius 3g version)

    What we have done to implement it:

    We have modified the system emails to reflect additional information in the body to give reminders on what the reviewer must do for "Member Review" (FCR) versus "Designated Review" (DMR)

    We have added columns to the members dashboards so that they can see the assigned primary and secondaries as well as the type of review (member vs designated)

    We have provided Reviewer training to go over the expectations of our members (when to respond and which response to use based on their decisions) for both the FCR and the DMR process.

    We have slowly rolled out the process sending a handful of materials out for DMR review and the office has monitored those submissions to catch and resolve challenges as they arrive with communications out to members as they respond for process confirmation.


    With the assignment of a review as a "designated review" we are able to send it to all members and assign a single primary and multiple secondary reviewers.  Part of our training was for reviewers to pay attention to their assignment as primary, secondary, or unassigned and respond accordingly.

    On our development site, the API that was provided by Cayuse to automatically return the Designated Review submissions following the deadline and the Primary's response works under a series of different responses and conditions.

    After the initial polling process (grace period) any further reviewer actions can be sent specifically to the primary/secondaries and does not have to go back to the entire group.

    When working,  and established, this will allow the office to initiate and then "forget" the amendment until it is returned to their dash.


    The API that works perfectly on our Dev site fails to function in production.  A ticket is in and a resolution to this is still pending.

    The Buy-in time and training for the reviewers (and office) is moderately high.  We have been working on this over the last 4 months and are still not fully implemented yet.  (Caveat: We did not use DMR prior to this effort)

    It increases the amount and complexity of the information  on the office and reviewer's dashboards.

    It does not appear that many other groups are using the system in this way and so additional support and guidance is limited (we are all the blind leading the blind to some extent)


    If anyone has any questions or are willing to share their own work/experiences on using the system for this I wold be interested in further discussions

    Guy Wiles
    Director, IACUC
    Augusta University