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Research Administrator Opportunity at Loyola University of Chicago

  • 1.  Research Administrator Opportunity at Loyola University of Chicago

    Posted 04-13-2021 15:04

    Loyola University Chicago’s  Office of Research Services, a preaward office, has a research administrator position open and is ready to welcome you as part of our great team! Come and join our lakeside campus.


    Position Number: 8100495

    Research Administrator.-

    The position directly supports proposal preparation efforts of our faculty/staff, ensuring each proposal meets the technical and budgetary requirements of the sponsoring agency, the relevant federal regulations, and the policies/procedures of the University prior to submission. The research administrator will:

    • Assist with all administrative/non-financial post-award requirements
    • Interact with principal investigators to assist with development, preparation, and submission of proposals for external funding
    • Review all proposals prior to submission and confirm compliance with sponsor, University and Office of Research Services policies and procedures
    • Review and analyze award documents prior to acceptance
    • Be familiar with electronic research administration systems such as Commons,, etc.
    • Keep abreast of all new federal and state regulations that apply to the grant process and interpret agency-specific guidelines/regulations that apply to the proposal and award process
    • Provide consultation and expertise to faculty, staff, and sponsors regarding terms and conditions of grants, contracts, and subcontracts
    • Collaborate and create partnerships with other units within the University that interact and serve principal investigators
    • Have strong verbal and written communication skills and attention to detail

    Please visit the below link –click on staff positions-enter position number 8100495 in the last field on the right-hand side, click search and view the details.

    Angelica Vaca
    Director, Office of Research Services
    Loyola University Chicago