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Happy day after October 5th!

  • 1.  Happy day after October 5th!

    Posted 10-06-2020 14:23

    Happy October 6th! It's my favorite holiday after February 6th and June 6th … or really any day after a major submission deadline!

    For those of us current and former Pre Award Administrators, deadline days are always stressful, which is why I am so pleased to report out that yesterday on October 5th we saw 703 unique proposals submitted through Proposals (S2S) with a total aggregate dollar value of $1.82 billion (yep - billion with a B)!

    I am so humbled when I see these submission statistics - it speaks to the trust you all place in us to safely transmit those billions of dollars worth of ideas error-free.  It means a lot to us here at Cayuse that you all continue to place that kind of trust in us.  Thank you!

    How many R01s did you process yesterday at your institution?  Any lessons learned or thoughts to share?  Are you handling large deadline days differently now than you used to?

    Kelly Morgan
    Product Manager, Pre-Award