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  • 1.  Human Ethics-Going Live

    Posted 01-27-2023 05:09

    Hi all,
    We are going live with Human  Ethics on 2/1/2023 to faculty. Just curious if anyone has any "wish we would have...."  reflections or advice on going live with Human Ethics . 

    Kris Monahan 

    Kris A. Monahan, Ph.D.
    Director Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance
    Providence College
    Providence, RI

  • 2.  RE: Human Ethics-Going Live

    Posted 01-27-2023 06:49

    Great question.  We have been using HE for 16 months and have a lot of one-time users, so I feel like I am always in a training loop.

    I wish
    1. I had more screenshot "guides" available.  There will always be the leading horses to water issue, but having the documents ready to send for all the "I can't figure it out" emails would have helped.
    2. we had more time to do departmental level/small group trainings.
    3. had set up a way for them to play in the training environment.

    I think the advice I would give (which you didn't ask for) is don't be afraid to tweak it as you go.  Hard as we tried during our "build," once we went live we found things that didn't work quite as we intended or were confusing to users.


    Darcy Hammar
    Director, HRPP
    Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

  • 3.  RE: Human Ethics-Going Live

    Posted 01-31-2023 10:48


    I agree with Darcy re: tweaking as you go. We went live in May 2021 and are still tweaking our build/templates as we find better ways of doing things/issues that come up with folks using the system.

    One thing we did soon after our go-live was to set up a Google calendar on our website where we have specific time-slots that folks can sign up for a 30min One-on-One help session with an Analyst via Zoom to help walk them through a submission/get questions answered. Each Analyst takes a set day/time and is available for any "filled' time-slots. It has been extremely well-received.


    Jennifer Dier
    Assistant Director, Office of Research Compliance Administration
    University of California, Santa Cruz