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  • 1.  Converting Ellucian Banner department hierarchy to Cayuse

    Posted 05-11-2022 07:45
    Our Banner department (unit) data is artificially in three levels to allow for assigning Dean and Chair approvers. So Dept A would be Dept A1, Dept A2 and Dept A3. Deans would be assigned to Dept A1, Chairs to Dept A2 and PIs to Dept A3.

    We're looking at how to structure this data for import to Cayuse. For those who have been down this path, would we keep the same hierarchy? Or does Cayuse handle approvals differently so that we no longer have to maintain the artificial three-level model?


    David McMeans
    Research and Sponsored Programs
    Wright State University

    David McMeans
    Wright State University

  • 2.  RE: Converting Ellucian Banner department hierarchy to Cayuse

    Posted 05-13-2022 07:07
    Hi David,
    My understanding of Cayuse Admin is that it allows for a parent and a child unit as it does now in SP v3.9.

    We also use Banner. In SP v4's Admin module, we plan to set this up is to use the dept as the 'child' and the college/division as the 'parent'. This should allow for appropriate routing. In other words...if Biology is the dept and College of Science is the college/division, then College of Science will be listed as the parent unit of Biology.

    If I understand your example, the PI and dept chair would be assigned the dept (biology) listing the college as the parent (College of Science).  The dean would be assigned the college with no parent unit. No more need for 3 tiers. Does this make sense?
    Hope it helps,

    Terri Hall
    Director, Research Business Intelligence
    University of Notre Dame