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  • 1.  Continuing Resolution Awards

    Posted 04-30-2021 08:34
    ​Hi- looking for information on how everyone handles additional funds received under continuing resolution.  Do you just add the additional funds to the currently established award or do you establish a new award record for the additional funds?

    Margaret Burwell
    Associate Director
    Thomas Jefferson University
    Philadelphia PA

  • 2.  RE: Continuing Resolution Awards

    Posted 05-03-2021 09:49
    Under that circumstance, we just add the funds to the existing award record budget.  Our main (only?) reason for making a new award record for an existing budget year is in the case of additional funding that requires separate accounting, such as a diversity supplement.

    Hope that helps.


    Lisa Churchill
    Sr. Grants Information Manager
    The Salk Institute for Biological Studies