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  • 1.  Centrally Documenting Multiple Research Disclosure Forms

    Posted 10-23-2021 18:14

    Hello All,


    Our Sponsored Projects Administration Office is establishing a business process to centrally document all relevant Research Disclosure Forms such as the ones listed below.

    This is to ensure that Principal Investigators from our three different campuses attest to completing the necessary Disclosure Forms which should be available to all units/departments for compliance and/or to satisfy other requirements.


    Can you please share your business process experiences and how such a methodology was implemented?


    Sample List of Disclosure Forms:

    • Financial Conflict of Interest,
    • Annual Disclosure of non-University Activity,
    • Application for Sabbatical,
    • Visiting Scholar/Scientist,
    • Export Control – Temporary Export License Exception Form,
    • Export Control Disclosure Form,
    • NIH Other Support (often as part of Just-in-Time procedures for grant applications or in progress reports), etc.


    If you prefer, please feel free to email me directly - . Thank you in advance.


    Patrick Selorm Amihere

    Director, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration
    Southern Illinois University, Carbondale || 900 S Normal Avenue || Carbondale, IL 62901
    E: || O: (618) 453-4540 || C: (443) 470-2681 || W: 

    Patrick Amihere
    Director of OSPA
    Southern Illinois University- Carbondale (SIU)

  • 2.  RE: Centrally Documenting Multiple Research Disclosure Forms

    Posted 10-26-2021 07:51
    Hi Patrick,

    Our situation is definitely different than yours since we don't have three campuses as you do. We did implement Cayuse Outside Interests earlier this year and are still exploring how we can increase our use of it to address additional documentation. Currently, we are using it for Financial Conflict of Interest and Annual Disclosure of non-University Activity. We're hoping that we can expand it's use moving forward.


    Eric Boerngen
    Outreach Coordinator, Research and Graduate Studies
    Illinois State University

  • 3.  RE: Centrally Documenting Multiple Research Disclosure Forms

    Posted 10-26-2021 09:22
    Hello Patrick,

    I may misunderstand your question but we have some of the compliance parts such as FCOI, and Export Control included as part of the proposal routing, where they perform a FCOI per proposal and disclose if there are export control items. The academic requirements such as course release, sabbatical applications are hosted in the schools. We hope with the upgrade to Cayuse 4.0 that we will be able to track their training requirements in one place as well.

    Vibeke Svensson
    Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
    American University

  • 4.  RE: Centrally Documenting Multiple Research Disclosure Forms

    Posted 10-26-2021 09:49
    Hi Patrick!
    As others have indicated, we use Cayuse to capture the Export Control concerns.
    For SFCOI & COI, our Office of Research Integrity captures that information using a Qualtrics survey form that is linked in our Cayuse instance. They manage the disclosure / documentation from there.
    Sabbatical requests are handled through the colleges and at the level of the Provost. If a sabbatical leave is approved AND there's some kind of funding involved that would be awarded to the University, we process that award like any other with documentation that the leave was approved.
    Annual disclosure of non-University Activity is also handled at the college and level of the Provost.

    Augusta Isley
    Senior Proposal Manager
    Ball State University

  • 5.  RE: Centrally Documenting Multiple Research Disclosure Forms

    Posted 10-26-2021 14:41

    Hi Patrick,

    Here at UC Irvine, it is quite de-centralized actually:

    • Financial Conflict of Interest: stored documents in "FileNet" (cloud repository) 
    • Application for Sabbatical: this is handled between the department & Academic Personnel office; the central Office of Research is not involved
    • NIH Other Support : department handles this directly and Office of Research is not involved. 

    Jonathan Lew
    ERA Officer
    University of California, Irvine