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  • Cayuse Data Connect Sharing Group 11/20

    We're happy to announce that our first monthly Cayuse Data Connect Sharing Group session will be held on Fri 11/20 at 10am PT/Noon CT! Our very first presenter will be Jeanne Hermann from the University of Tennessee, who came up with the idea during a data/reporting session at Connect by Cayuse.

    Each month, we'll select one customer to do a 20-30 minute demo of what they're doing with data and then have 20-30 minutes to pick their brains. This will be an informal and interactive "coffee chat" format, open to folks just beginning to explore data more, and to those who are deep into dashboards and analytics.

    Jeanne will share how she uses her Cayuse Data Connect and Power BI to extract Cayuse Sponsored Projects data to track Events, provide quarterly reports to Deans, and maintain data quality control. We'll discuss the campus feedback and resulting effects of such data sharing, too.


  • Research administration can be one of the most frustrating fields. Working with stakeholders who have no knowledge of or no ...

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