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We'd love to have your help.

  • 1.  We'd love to have your help.

    Posted 01-24-2022 07:31

    Gentle people of the community,

    I'm Jon Plummer, Director of User Experience at Cayuse. It's my job, and the job of folks on my team, to help our product and engineering people make tools that are useful, usable, and accessible and that help you get your work done more smoothly and reliably.

    As we work to improve the usefulness and usability of Cayuse tools we often find we need to learn more about you and how you do your work. So we're looking for people we can talk to about the struggles they face, what's going well and poorly, and how Cayuse can help. But it's less about taking feature or improvement requests, though those are welcome; usually we're investigating a particular area to make sure that change we make will actually work well, will actually help. So we'd love to talk to you.

    At the moment, we'd like to have pre-award administrators try some interface prototypes. We'll watch you perform a few tasks to see where the prototype is succeeding or failing so we can correct any issues found. It'll take about 40 minutes. Your participation will help us make Cayuse better for everyone.

    If you’re interested in helping, even if you aren’t a pre-award administrator, kindly sign up at Cayuse Participate ( We will collect your email address there, if only to get in touch with you when a relevant research activity comes up. We promise not to abuse the privilege.

    Thanks so much!

    Jon Plummer
    Director, UX