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Cayuse Champion Spotlight: Mollie Robbins, CRA

By Simon Helton posted 09-01-2021 11:06

The Cayuse community is thrilled to shine its Champion Spotlight on @Mollie Robbins-Wint, CRA and Manager, eRA Systems & Business Processes at Kansas State University's Office of PreAward Services. Keep reading below to get to know Mollie better.

Mollie Robbins, CRA
Mollie Robbins

How do you interact with Cayuse products on a daily basis?

At K-State we use both Cayuse 424 and Cayuse SP; both of which I am the system administrator for. My role included the configuration and implementation of SP and has since evolved to the system manager and training coordinator for our campus. Additionally, we use Data Connect to feed into our home grown reporting tool (PowerBI) and I oversee all of our data quality control efforts, reporting developing, and publishing.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I spend most of my time outside of work with family. I have a five year old daughter named Olivia and just recently (July 2021) added a handsome little boy named Ellison to the mix. Outside of family time I enjoy going to the gym, grabbing drinks with friends, and grabbing coffee!

What do you see as the hottest trends in research today?
The current culture at K-State is collaborative, multi-disciplinary research. More and more resources are being invested in networking and intentionally forming collaborative teams to help solve ‘the bigger problems’.

How can an organization stay relevant five years from now?
By continuing to provide encouragement for participation in non-work-related values such as family life and communities of faith and how they contribute to a more efficient workforce.

What app would be hard for you to live without?
With the current pandemic, I can’t imagine living without my Target app! A normal week includes quite a bit of online browsing and at least one order per week. I was never much of an online shopper until now!

If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
If I could meet any historical figure I would truly enjoy meeting Michelle Obama. I think that she is such an aspiration for women and has overcome so much in her life both personally and professionally. I would love to just spend time discussing many of the stories she shared in her memoir.

Thank you Mollie for being a Cayuse Champion and sharing your thoughts!​​​​​