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Gamification for Connect Community

By Colette Akiki posted 03-03-2021 16:55


We love to recognize community members who display their research industry insights! As your participation within Connect Community increases, so does your rank. Go from New Member to a Superstar Contributor by joining discussions and showcasing your expertise.

About the Rank Structure

Ranks reflect a user's status within the community. New community members start as New Members. As you engage with members and score points through posts, replies, comments, profile updates, and more, you will improve your rank up to a Superstar Contributor.
Learn more below:

New Member
This rank lets other community members know you’ve arrived. Seize opportunities to network and increase your rank by engaging with other community members.

Join discussions aligned with your interests and product knowledge, and step up to this rank by scoring 100+ points. You’ll leverage the powerful insights of other research professionals to get your questions answered, and contribute to discussions as well.

Active Contributor
As you visit and interact in the Connect Community more, you will stand out as a recognized community member at this rank (500+ points). We encourage members to leverage this rank’s prestige, as fellow members see your participation and stellar feedback to their discussions.

Star Contributor
At this rank (1000+ points), other community members are used to seeing your name all over the discussion forums and leaderboards. Continue on this path of consistent contributions, and you’ll soon reap the rewards of becoming a Superstar Contributor!

Superstar Contributor
By scoring 1500+ points, Superstar Contributors receive the most prestigious rank. The Cayuse team continues to add to the perks our superstars receive and are excited to have even more members achieve this rank.

About Ribbons & Badges

In addition to ranks’ ribbons, Connect Community awards a variety of ribbons and badges. We want to make sure Bloggers, Product idea contributors, Champions, Conference Speakers, Award recipients, and others are recognized in the community.
The following is a list of current community ribbons and badges and how you can earn them:

Product Idea
We want to hear your ideas for improving the Cayuse platform. Submit a new idea to suggest a product enhancement or new feature. Learn more about submitting a great product idea.

The community wants to hear about your experience in the research field! The blogger ribbon is awarded to members who become published community bloggers!

Best Answer
Best Answers are a way for members to give approval to content that they think is helpful, well formed, insightful, or otherwise generally valuable. When members mark your reply as a Best Answer, they are offering a thumbs up for good content and also giving a pat on the back to its author.

The Champion ribbon is awarded to our customer advocates who share their insights and success stories with peers. Learn more about the Champions program.

Connect Attendee
The Connect Attendee ribbon is awarded to members who attend our annual customer conference. A new ribbon is awarded for each year attended.

Only the brave few who present and share their expertise will attain this ribbon! If speaking at one of our conferences or at industry events on behalf of Cayuse sounds like something you'd like to do, please reach out to us at

Sheri Pulis Award 
This award was introduced in 2019 in honor of Sheri Pulis, a beloved customer (from UC Davis) and a wonderful person who passed away that year. This award is focused on highlighting outstanding service and contributions that helped drive progress in research administration within the organization and the broader community.

Modernization Award / Honorary
This award is for individuals or organizations who engaged in updating and modernizing their systems across the research lifecycle by implementing multiple Cayuse technologies and achieving impact and great results from these efforts.

Productivity Award / Honorary
This award is designed for those individuals or organizations that have engaged in reducing burden for their research staff (PI’s, finance, administrators, managers, etc.) such as eliminating duplicate data entry, reducing errors, improving communication.

Covid-19 Resilience Award / Honorary
This award is to highlight individuals who have helped their teams and organizations successfully navigate the challenging times we have experienced in 2020. Was WFH transition smooth? Did the use of Cayuse help people still get all their needed work related to research administration done on time? Was anything unique done to keep the team and peers motivated and engaged?

Mentor/Mentee Badge
The Mentor program is a unique online networking and career development tool to help you find, connect, and share experiences with others. Your mentor or mentee can be in the same city or anywhere in the world. Learn more here.

We continue to add to our Specialty Ribbons and Badges, so stay tuned, or submit your ribbon/badge idea in the comments of this post.