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  • 1.  "Not Reviewed" decision notification and letters

    Posted 06-21-2023 08:55
    Edited by Ann Larsen 06-22-2023 06:43

    At a recent meeting, we determined that there was not sufficient time to review a late submission and decided to table it for the next meeting. I'm planning on using the "Not Reviewed" decision so that I can add it to the next agenda, but first I wanted to double check the work flow in our test site as this is fairly uncommon. 

    I created a letter and hit Review Complete, and the submission went back to "Under Review" with the analyst now able to reassign it to a new meeting. But the letter does not show up (there is no letters tab) and the PI never got the notification letter that I had just created. 

    As far as I can tell, it never went out? Can anyone please confirm, for a Not Reviewed decision, does any letter actually go out? 

    Ann Larsen
    IRB Administrator
    Wills Eye Hospital

  • 2.  RE: "Not Reviewed" decision notification and letters

    Posted 07-31-2023 08:35

    Hi, Ann!  Good question

    Checking the Letters, there is no "template" for the Not Reviewed category (nor any Messages or Notifications for that subject).

    However, glad the workflow represents the new meeting where you can attach this letter as part of the agenda.

    And while emailing PIs outside of the system may not be efficient, ongoing communication and consistent documentation is key.


    Dawn Leusner
    IRB Manager
    Educational Testing Service
    Princeton, NJ 08541

  • 3.  RE: "Not Reviewed" decision notification and letters

    Posted 08-03-2023 08:43

    Hello All:

    We have only had one "not reviewed;" while not ideal, one initial review letter was modified (including title) to notify researchers within Cayuse (and then changed back for the original intent). 



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