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R&R budget warning

  • 1.  R&R budget warning

    Posted 05-10-2021 08:02

    I am getting the warning below when trying to input the institutional base salary (IBS) but when I use the total salary requested (academic + summer salary), then the warning goes away.   Aren't you supposed to use the IBS?

    Warning: [Budget period 1 A, Budget Key Person 2][Cayuse] Base Salary is not equal to either Calendar Salary or Academic + Summer Salary. Is this your intention?

    Am I doing something wrong?  Any guidance is appreciated!

    Thank you,

    Linda Phi-Nguyen
    Research Analyst
    University of California, Riverside
    Riverside CA
    (951) 827-7335

  • 2.  RE: R&R budget warning

    Posted 05-10-2021 10:31
    Hi Linda,

    I see that the base salary was put directly into the cell in the budget form (the red star signifies a manual overwrite).  My suggestion is to include the academic and summer base salaries in the person's professional profile, that way it will autofill the base salary into the budget form for you every time that person is included on a Proposals S2S proposal.  Please email me, if you would like to meet to go over this.  I am happy to talk with you at any time!

    Best regards,

    Carrie Yakura
    Manager, Customer Success
    San Francisco CA
    (503) 297-2108