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Tip of the week: Turn off email notifications in Human Ethics

  • 1.  Tip of the week: Turn off email notifications in Human Ethics

    Posted 09-10-2021 11:30
    Edited by Thomas Keller 09-10-2021 11:31

    Hi everyone,

    I'm back with another tip of the week for Cayuse Human Ethics!

    Our professional lives often revolve around emails guiding us and informing us on our next task.  It can be overwhelming at times to watch email after email come in when you already know exactly what you need to do.  If you spend a lot of your time in Cayuse Human Ethics as an IRB Analyst for your day to day work, did you know you can turn off those emails but still receive the notification within the application (i.e. that beautiful little bell area in the top right hand corner within the application)? 

    How do we lighten the email load your receive?  It's easy!  I promise!  Let's walk through this.  

    1. As an IRB System Administrator or IRB Analyst, you will want to navigate into the Human Ethics Module, then to the More tab, and finally to Messages. As a reminder, Emails and Notifications go hand-in-hand.  Whenever there is a change in workflow, not only is an email sent, but you also receive a notification, and the task will appear front and center in your dashboard. 
    1. Identify the emails that are sent that you want to turn off. Of course, discuss as a group to make sure you are all on board with this. Common ones would be the following:
      Analyst Post Review Required
      Analyst Pre-Review Required
      Analyst  Review Required
    2. Click on the email and this is where I promised you it would be easy. Click the little 'x' to the left of the variable in the 'To'.  The system will still attempt to send an email, but without anything in the 'To' area, no one will receive the email.  See below as the example.  Also, a little pro-tip: if all analysts do not want to receive individual emails, but you have a central email address that all analysts have access to and can help triage the workflow, you can add that email directly into the 'to' line. 
    1. Always Click Save! 
    1. On the notifications tab (to the right of the emails), the respective role will still be listed for the notification so that it will appear in your bell area. Be intentional if you choose to remove this.  If you do, just navigate to the notification and follow the same path and click the 'x'. 

    You might consider leaving the notification there, but if seeing that number in the bell area is overwhelming you can just mute your notifications. 

    These are just a few tips to potentially ease your inbox yet still allow you to not miss the things you need to do. 

    Thomas Keller
    Services Professional & Consultant