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IRB Reporting - Awaiting Certification

  • 1.  IRB Reporting - Awaiting Certification

    Posted 02-08-2021 13:50

    Hi folks, I am hoping someone might have an answer to a reporting discrepancy.  The dashboard view brings me to a large number of uncertified submissions that PCs have submitted, but have not yet been certified by the PI.  This seems to be accurate when I click through...

    I have tried to replicate this search in a report, by including Submission Status, PI, Study Label, Study Title fields.  Then in Excel I filter the Submission Status to "Awaiting Certification", and the list is much smaller (My report only finds 18 of the 56 shown  in the image). We do not use organizational approvers, so that is not the problem. I know in some cases they may have been sent back to the OC for edits by the PI at least one time. This also can include expired, withdrawn,  or closed studies.

    Has anyone successfully built a report that will match the submission list?  What do I need to include in my filter to capture all of the records, or is this beyond current reporting functionality?

    @Tim Deering, I know you have done a bit with massaging the internal reports. Any thoughts?


    Matt Zembrzuski
    Research Compliance Manager
    American University

  • 2.  RE: IRB Reporting - Awaiting Certification

    Posted 02-09-2021 15:31

    I looked into this and despite having six submissions awaiting authorization, none of them were found with an "Awaiting Authorization" submission status when I ran a report. With the small sample, I did not find any consistent variables that explained why either. I should also specify (for others reading this) that we currently have the older Cayuse human ethics platform.

    To develop a report on submissions awaiting authorization, I have not been using the reporting feature. Instead, I grab the data that appears after clicking on the awaiting authorization button from the dashboard. I use "CTRL+A" and "CTRL+C" functions to copy all of the text from that window into an excel file. The spreadsheet is set up to clean the text and connect the data with emails. I then use it to send out reminders. It is a bit crude still but it works for me.


    Tim Deering
    Human Subjects Research Specialist
    Illinois State University