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sIRB or IAA questions in your submission template

  • 1.  sIRB or IAA questions in your submission template

    Posted 09-24-2020 13:02
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    Amy Krenzer and I just presented at the Cayuse Conference and we promised to share screen shots if anyone needs to build sIRB or IAA questions into your submission form. This is just one example. If other institutions can add to this thread I am sure we could all benefit!

    Page 1-2 include screen shots of questions we ask when serving as the IRB of record. 

    Page 3-4 are the required questions and attachments we review if the PI requests to rely on an external IRB

    Other notes to build into your SOPs or analyst checklist:
    • use the Decision "rely on external IRB" when applicable
    • use the Cayuse Flag for "IRB of record"
    • attach your executed IAA or sIRB agreements in attachments for the Study

    Hila Berger